3 Litter Box Training Tips for You and Your New Kitten

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The day you bring your new kitten home will be an exciting one—and a busy one! You’ll have a lot to show them, they’ll have a lot to explore, and you guys will have a lot of bonding to do. But the first day isn’t all just fun and games. Right from the start you need to begin training your kitten to follow the rules of the house, including how to properly use the litter box.

If this is your first foray into cat ownership, use these tips below to turn your new kitty into a litter box expert!


1) Show your kitten where the litter box is shortly after you bring them home.

After you arrive home with your kitten, place them in the litter box and let them sniff around for a bit. Be sure to show them all litter box locations (you should have as many litter boxes as you do cats, plus one). Litter boxes should be placed in quiet spots in the house that are private but still accessible. Continue to place your kitten in the litter box at natural bathroom times throughout the day, such as after meals and when they wake up from napping.

2) Reward for good usage but don’t punish for accidents.

If you see your kitten using the litter box, reward them when they’re done so they learn this is a good behavior. A treat, pets, or verbal praise will do. Cats typically take to the litter box fairly quickly, but sometimes accidents will happen. Don’t punish or yell at your kitten if they have an accident. Negative reinforcement will only create anxiety for them associated with the litter box, which will not help your training efforts.

3) Keep litter boxes clean and well-maintained.

Cats are naturally clean animals, so they prefer their bathroom to be clean as well. Sometimes, they won’t even use a box that’s too dirty. It’s important to stay on top of litter box cleaning, so your kitten doesn’t develop the habit of going elsewhere. Scoop the box once per day, or at least every other, and refill the litter so that it’s about two inches deep. Approximately once a month you should empty, wash out, rinse, dry, and refill litter boxes completely.

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