Exercise Ideas to Keep Your Cat Active

Pixie-Bob Kittens in Texas

Helping your cat get enough exercise is a vital component to giving them a long and healthy life. When they’re cooped up inside most of the time, it’s difficult for cats to indulge the natural instincts that keep them active in the wild. It’s not like there are any mice running or bugs flying around for them to chase in your house (we hope!).

Especially when you have an active breed of cat, like a Pixie-bob, it’s up to you to make sure they’re still burning those calories on a regular basis. Try one of these ideas to help your cat stay fit!

Motivate them with their favorite toys.

After you first bring your cat home, offer them a variety of different toys to see what gets them moving the most. Good ones to experiment with are feather toys, wands, laser pointers, puzzle toys, and anything that mimics the movement of prey. Interactivity is key.

Get them a workout buddy.

It’s always easier to get to the gym when you have someone to go with, isn’t it? Well, the same goes for your cat! They’re more likely to want to play frequently with another animal than they are with you—it’s just their nature. Get another kitty to be their playmate or adopt the dog you’ve always wanted to fill the role. If you don’t have room for another animal, try setting up a playdate with a friend’s cat.

Create a play space for them.

Give your cat an area all their own that’s set up with a lot of stimulating objects they can play with on their own. A multi-level cat tower is a good place to start. Combine it with some cat shelves on the walls or a cat wheel. You could even create an “agility course” for them with boxes, hoops, cat tunnels, and bars to jump over!

Try leash training.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who love a good walk. Slowly get your cat used to wearing a harness and leash inside. Once they’re comfortable moving in it, start to introduce them to the outdoors. You’ll be able to take them on regular walks or get a leash stake or cable and let them run around in the backyard! Just make sure your cat is up to date on their shots before you take them out of the house.

If you’re looking for a cat that loves to move as much as you do, a Pixie-bob kitten from Bobcat Legends could be your perfect match! Their wild ancestry makes them more active than the average house cat, so you’ll have no problem convincing them to play or go for a walk.

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