4 Unique Characteristics of a Pixie-Bob Cat

Pixie-Bob Cat Breeder in Texas

If you’ve never owned a cat or don’t have much experience with them, you probably think they’re all the same. Cats have a reputation for being independent, lazy, and aloof, particularly when compared with dogs. The truth is, however, that every cat has their own unique personality and, like dogs, you will see different qualities in different breeds!

The Pixie-bob cat is one of the most distinctive breeds we know of. But what is it exactly that distinguishes them from the quintessential feline we all know and love?


1) Pixie-bobs are bigger in size than the average cat.

Due to their bobcat ancestry, Pixie-bobs are usually considerably larger than a typical household cat. On average, they weigh between 10 and 18 pounds, while most other cat breeds weigh in around 8-10 pounds. Female Pixie-bobs are typically around 8-12 pounds, while males can be as big as 25 pounds. Plus, while most cat breeds reach full size after one year, the Pixie-bob continues to grow for their first four!

2) Pixie-bob cats have distinctive physical features.

Pixie-bobs deviate from the normal cat appearance in more than just size. They often more closely resemble a bobcat with their muscular build, thick, wool-like double coat, and unique fur markings—white “spectacles” around the eyes, jagged tabby stripes and spots. The breed is also known for having polydactyl paws (multiple toes) and a signature bobbed (shortened or stubby) tail.

3) Pixie-bobs form strong bonds with their human families.

While the typical domestic cat is happy being on their own most of the time, a Pixie-bob loves to be around their humans. Their personalities are more similar to that of a dog, in that they are highly affectionate and loyal. Pixie-bob cats make excellent companions for children and additions to households with other animals, with whom they easily get along.

4) Pixie-bob cats are highly intelligent.

There are plenty of smart, clever cats out there, but the Pixie-bob breed in particular tends to exhibit a higher level of intelligence. As a result, they are more easily trained and naturally playful than most other cat breeds. They need to be stimulated with regular exercise/play and interactive toys. Pixie-bobs can be leash-trained (they love walks and car rides!), learn their names, and are even more likely to obey commands.

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