3 Litter Box Training Tips for You and Your New Kitten

Pixie-Bob Cats for Sale in Sandia, TX

The day you bring your new kitten home will be an exciting one—and a busy one! You’ll have a lot to show them, they’ll have a lot to explore, and you guys will have a lot of bonding to do. But the first day isn’t all just fun and games. Right from the start you… Read more »

Exercise Ideas to Keep Your Cat Active

Pixie-Bob Kittens in Texas

Helping your cat get enough exercise is a vital component to giving them a long and healthy life. When they’re cooped up inside most of the time, it’s difficult for cats to indulge the natural instincts that keep them active in the wild. It’s not like there are any mice running or bugs flying around… Read more »

The Most Important Tips for First-Time Cat Owners

Pixie-Bob Cat Breeder in Texas

Adding a cat to your family will bring a lot of love, joy, and entertainment into your life. For those who are new to the world of feline ownership, you may think you can simply bring one home, put out food, and leave them to their own devices. Just like any other animal though, cats… Read more »

4 Unique Characteristics of a Pixie-Bob Cat

Pixie-Bob Cat Breeder in Texas

If you’ve never owned a cat or don’t have much experience with them, you probably think they’re all the same. Cats have a reputation for being independent, lazy, and aloof, particularly when compared with dogs. The truth is, however, that every cat has their own unique personality and, like dogs, you will see different qualities… Read more »

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